Chiesa dei Santi Donato e Biagio - Carraia


    First documentations: 1387

    History and architecture
    The present church dates back to the XVII century and was built on the original one. It is made of Guamo stone and also the seventeenth-century tower bell whose bells are dedicated to the patrons of the village and to the Virgin, is made of the same material.
    The church has three aisles, four slopes and an apse turned toward east. Inside we find an enameled flooring, except in the area of the major altar that presents a marble tile flooring. 
    The lateral altars are dedicated to the presentation of the Virgin to the Temple (the one on the left) and to Maria Our Lady (the one on the right).
    At the present time the church needs some restorations due to the proximity of the old tool gate, now unused.

    Works of art 
    Inside the church we find a glazed earthenwave statue located in the major altar and attributed to Matteo Civitali.

    The organ is situated over the main door. It dates back to the end of the XIX century and it has a well-made sound box. It needs restorations but it is still working.