Villas March

29 - 30 April 2023


    An April Sunday between walking and natural beauties up the hills of Capannori: the event for all true runners... but not only them!

    A sunny Sunday, comfortable shoes, will of having fun and attentive look at the panoramic view: if everything is ready, hurry up!

    The 'Marcia delle Ville' is an unmissable opportunity to enjoy the beautiful architecture of the historical residences of Capannori while at the same time staying in good shape.

    The event was born in 1977 and back then in only crossed the park of Villa Reale. Today the participants, that from 200 have now grown to 15000, have the chance to walk through the most amazing villas of the territory, including La Specola, a former astronomical observatory erected at the end of the eighteenth century by will of the then Duchess of Lucca, Maria Luisa. 

    There are tracks suiting every need, from a mini-walk of 3.5 km, to routes of 7, 10 and 16 km and even longer circuits of 20 and 28 km if you do not fear to get tired soon!

    If physical activity makes you hungry you can rest assure that all long the circuits you will find rest areas to eat and drink before you continue your journey.

    It is an event no lover of nature could miss: admiring the architectural and natural beauties of Capannori in their extraordinary landscape is a great opportunity.

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