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    The major farms located on the hills of Lucca date back to 1500, when the families of the silk merchants began to invest in land. Among these, the Bernardini family bought some properties in Segromigno in Monte, on the hills, in a particularly favourable area for the cultivation of vine and olive trees. The Bernardini family, during the centuries, accomplished great works of restoration and uncultivated groves were transformed in fields full of vineyards and olive trees . The farm became important for the family's economy, and that is due to the far-sighted Count Federico Bernardini who, at the beginning of 1800, bought the contiguous property of the Buonvisi.

    At the end of 1800, the last heir of the Bernardini, Antonietta, married the marquess Raffaello Mansi. The farm of Segromigno in Monte was part of her dowry and thus took the name of Mansi Bernardini.
    The farm, managed in metayage until the end on the fifties and then directly managed, passed through a long period of crisis until the eighties, when the present owner, great grandson of Antonietta Bernardini and Raffaello Mansi, began to accompany the touristic activity to the agricultural one, restoring the farmhouses of his property.

    Nowadays, the entire estate is a tourist destination and it has been object of various works of restoration that, in the last fifteen years, have regarded the farmhouses, restored with traditional materials so to respect both the architecture and the landscape. The farm, Buonvisi Palace, places side by side the agricultural activity with the hospitality of guests. Thecomplex covers the vast terraced hills, are plunged in rural enrironment in which combine typical local flora and elaborated manneristic gardens. The agricultural activities concern the production of esteemed olive oil. For this reason, in the last twenty years, the family has planted over 2500 olive trees.



    Via di Valgiano 34 - Segromigno in Monte (Capannori)

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     Fattoria Mansi Bernardini is part of "Sposarsi in villa".