Air Festival

8th-17th September 2017


Two weekends of great events for all lovers of flying: shows, workshops for children, balloon flights, performances... at the airport of Capannori every September takes place the Festa dell'Aria or Air Festival.

Flying has always had a strong fascination over mankind: enjoying the view being slowly lifted up , flying and breathe deeply the air of freedom.

If you have always dreamt of hovering in the air and look everythinf from up above or you have always admired the acrobatic pilots, Capannori offers you the right solution.

In fact, all that is possible at the Air Festival: two weekends filled with events at the airport in Tassignano. Everything is covered: activities for children and entertainment for everyone, acrobatic flights, competitions, skydiving and exhibitions.

And how beautiful are balloons when they take off just right after sunset or at dusk! You just need to look upwards and let yourself dream while you watch the silent and colourful journey of these fascinating and original rides. Pilots will be competing for the balloon trophy, a heated competition till the last air flow!

Would you like to get on a balloon as well? No problem! The tethered balloon flight is for every family, so jump in and let yourselves be lifted up. Slowly but steadily you will be up high in the sky: the right moment to take a selfie!

If all that excites you, the Balloon Glow will leave you speachless. In a spectacular and fascinating event, the baloons will fly in the night sky and be lit to the rhythm of music.

To take a break from the emotions of the day, Slow Food will set up 'Sulle ali del gusto', a food and wine area where you you can taste and enjoy local produce.

The Air Festival is just the right opportunity to become interested in the magical experience of flying. Leonardo da Vinci has it that 'Once you walk on the ground after flying, you will look at the sky because you have been there and you want to go back'.

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