Wine and stars


    'Calici di stelle' is the perfect event for lovers of good wine and starry skies. During the first weekend of August, you will discover local wines under a rain of shooting stars.

    'Saint Laurence, I know why so many
    shooting stars in the tranquil air
    blaze and tumble...'

    A longtime resident of the area around Lucca, poet Giovanni Pascoli celebrated with these words the night of St. Laurence and its extraordinary rain of falling stars. And what is better than gazing at the stars in a warm summer night, holding hands with the one you love?

    'Calici di stelle' is the perfect occasion for all of that: the first weekend of August in the scenographic setting of the historical villas of Capannori, with two evenings filled with wine, food, and stars.

    A professional sommelier will help you chose the best local wine to taste, and the director of the astronomical observatory will show you the best sector of the sky to observe. Live music and exhibitions accompany the main events.

    As the Italian saying goes, Bacchus and Venus go along well, but they are also good friends with tobacco, and thus there will be stands dedicated to Tuscan cigars, that were born in Lucca in 1815.

    So hold on to your glasses, look in the sky and enjoy hunting the stars!

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